Master Phil used a horse speculum in his slave’s ass then inserted a metal tube to keep it very wide open. He shone a torch and inspected inside and could see deep into the pink internal cavity of his slave. He could easily fist it to the elbow, but that wasn’t what he wanted today. Two minutes later the doorbell rang. It was his friend John. He had a small glass case the size of a shoebox. He had just returned from the vet having bought a rat and having its claws clipped and teeth filed. They removed it from the box by the tail, held it over the metal hole and slowly lowered it inside to what would become its living tomb. Once in, they removed the tube and watched the slave’s anus encase the rodent. They inserted a butt plug then fisted the slave in its cunt to feel the rodent through its internal walls. They felt it scurry up and down the long flexible intestine. As it went higher, the slave squealed in pain. As it descended into the rectum it came with a huge orgasm. This happened over and over for about 20 minutes until it finally stopped. They removed the plug and fished the rodent out by the tail. She slave was sweating profusely.

John turned to Phil “Let’s try 2 next time!”

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What the fuck is wrong with some people?!?!?!

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